Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ouch, my achy feet!!

I am a nurse and I have an average of about 30 patients on any given day. Needless to say, my feet are killing me!! Its 2:16am and I've only been home about 30 minutes or so and what am I doing??? Well, I'm blogging of course!

'Blogger Monster'!!

By the way, to anyone who is reading this...

Can I get a foot rub?!?!?!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Heart at Your Feet

My heart is laying at your feet.
Please tread lightly!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Dainty & Sexy

This is art from more than one aspect.
Notice the toe ring? I love toe rings.
They are so dainty and sexy.

Beautiful feet in black and white

Kids Poem about feet

My Feet

My feet, my feet,
I love my feet.
I think they're great,
I think they're neat.
They're pretty, pink,
and picturesque.
They look so perfect
on my desk.
sad to tell,
they also have
a funny smell.
So though I'm fast,
and though I'm fleet,
and though at sports
I can't be beat,
no team will pick
me to compete,
because they always
smell defeat.

--Kenn Nesbitt

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Your Feet - Tina Louise

Your Feet
By: Tina Louise

Walk gently over the flowers of life,
Take each step with ease,
Run rampantly, forcefully over the path,
Creating your very own breeze.

Take the path less trodden,
Or follow the common road,
All signs point to somewhere,
All can handle your load.

In the end the choice is now,
Not for left or right,
But for something true to you,
That gets you through the night.

Just don’t break the flowers,
Or swelter in the heat,
There are no excuses,
Only you control your feet.

My Foot Fetish!

Yes, I admit it! I have a thing for feet! Peoples feet are as different as their faces are. Feet have character. Feet can be left bare to express comfort or they can be dressed up in whatever you fancy! Thongs make for a daring, sexy woman? What about the thongs for your feet?

Due to the fact that I have a foot fetish, I also have a shoe fetish.

This blog is dedicated to feet and their accouterments!!